Here at Harbor Hospital we know you have questions, so below is a few of the most asked question. If you have a question that you don't see below, please call us at 409.840.3200.

  • What is a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital?
    When you have an accident, suffer a stroke or need surgery, the first place you go is the hospital. There, the doctors and nurses fix your injuries, perform your surgery and stabilize your condition. Many times, after being stabilized at a hospital, patients are too medically fragile to go home or to a rehabilitation facility. Perhaps they have an underlying chronic disease, like diabetes or heart disease, which delays the healing process. That’s where a long-term acute care hospital (LTACH) comes in. Patients come to an LTACH for several weeks until they are well enough to move on to the next level of their recovery.

  • How does a LTACH differ from a hospital or nursing home?
    The average length of stay for an LTACH patient is 25 days as compared to a 4 to 5 day average in a hospital. An LTACH differs significantly from a long-term care facility or nursing home. LTACH patients are sicker and may need cardic monitoring, multiple IV's or even ventilators. Patients are also visited by a doctor daily.

  • Why am I being transferred to LTACH?
    Your physician has recommended an extended hospital stay where you will be provided acute care for medically complex patients who need additional time to recover (average stay: 25 days). We are able to care for critically ill patients because our multidisciplinary staff is devoted to the treatment of our patients' conditions.

  • What Types of diagnoses are treated at a long-term acute care hospital?
    Many of the diagnoses treated in a hospital can be treated in an LTACH. The most common diagnoses include respiratory and cardiac failure, septicemia (systemic infection), and osteomyelitis (bone infection). Other conditions treated include: peripheral vascular disease, pressure wounds, prolonged surgical recuperation, trauma, complicated fractures, head injury, stroke and kidney failure (on dialysis).

  • Will Medicare or insurance cover the payment for a stay at your hospital?
    Yes, Medicare will typically cover all stays that fall into our admission criteria. We also can admit patients who are covered through other health insurance companies.

  • Can my primary care physician see me at your hospital?
    Our hospital cooperates with all licensed/certified/registered healthcare professionals you may elect. You have the right to use your own personal physician or, in the event you do not have one, we have compiled a list of independent providers who are available at the facility and must comply with all facility policies and procedures as well as applicable laws.

  • Can a family member spend the night with the patient?
    At the hospital’s discretion and as warranted by the patient’s condition, family members may be able to stay with their loved one. As a normal practice, however, we ask that family members do not spend the night.

Who is Harbor Hospital (LTACH)

Harbor Hospital of Southeast Texas is a modern, patient focused facility that delivers the latest in acute care and comprehensive therapies for patients requiring extended hospital stays.

Harbor Hospital provides diagnostic amd medical treatment or rehabilition to patients with chronic diseases or complex medical conditions whose average length of stay meets or exceeds 25 days.

“Harbor Hospital of Southeast Texas is building on a shared desire to bring the highest level of critical and acute care to patients with respiratory disease and other complex medical illnesses.”

- Qamar Arfeen, MD, FCCP